Communication DynamicsCommunication Dynamics
Putting pieces of the organizational puzzle together.
What we do:
In efforts to help your organization reach it's optimal level of organizational effectiveness, Communication Dynamics provides business communication consultation to Western New York non-profit organizations in the areas of:

            Change Management
            Merger Integration
            Team Building
            Corporate Culture
            Personality Profiling
            Leadership Development
            Conflict Resolution
            Process Improvement

How we do it:
Communication Dynamics employs a 5-Step approach in determining the needs of your organization:

Step 1 - Discuss your organization's current situation
Step 2 - Determine what tasks you need/want to accomplish
Step 3 - Outline specific & measurable goals
Step 4 - Implement action plans
Step 5 - Evaluate results


At this time, Communication Dynamics is focused on providing organizational communication needs assessments and training to Western New York non-profit organizations.  Services are offered on a voluntary basis during mutually convenient evening and weekend sessions.  Materials and handbooks will be charged to the organization. 


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